New Year: Time is Seamless

“New year non-weather. Wet. Dank. Grey. Chilly but not winter cold...I have never ‘done’ New Year. Time is seamless. Months, days, weeks, years are artificial, man made things, so what are we celebrating?Susan Hill, Jacob's Room is Full of Books So begins Susan Hill’s (author of The Woman in Black among many other things I’ve… Continue reading New Year: Time is Seamless


Feeling Fat, Grumpy and Ready for a Change


Really, this ought to be the introduction to an update on my progress in the Rapha Festive 500; the British cycling clothing brand's noble initiative intended to get people riding between Christmas and New Year. I couldn't wait. I was looking forward to having clear parameters within which I would achieve a certain mileage, and a… Continue reading Feeling Fat, Grumpy and Ready for a Change