Forty Days to Go: Countdown to the Dolomites

Alps by air

12th May 2017 - forty days out from Epic Cols III; a five day cycling trip to the Dolomites with a group of mates. We went to the Alps last year, and the Pyrenees the year before, and each year I've improved. This year I'd love to do the same, but we shall see. Training hasn't exactly gone… Continue reading Forty Days to Go: Countdown to the Dolomites


Why I Ride

There have been days recently when I’ve wanted to jack this sport in altogether. The winter’s been long and, honestly, 2017 hasn’t been all that kind to me just yet. However, I’ve been a cyclist long enough to know that the sum of the bad days add up to the big results of the season,… Continue reading Why I Ride

No Pain, No Gain

Col du Galibier

Twelve days of January have already been and gone (almost) and so far, 2017 is looking pretty good; from my personal perspective, at least. There may have been a near-apocalyptic tube strike which brough London to a rage-boiling standstill, making my sister 50mins late for an exam, the man-baby hasn't stopped tweeting rubbish, and a… Continue reading No Pain, No Gain

What a Difference a Day Makes

Col du Tourmalet Summit

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection. - Thomas Paine December 31st holds all the weight of the news, life events, triumphs and deaths of the 364(/5) days leading up to it. 2016 was a year which everyone seems determined to consider a write-off, a horror show, a disaster.… Continue reading What a Difference a Day Makes

Feeling Fat, Grumpy and Ready for a Change


Really, this ought to be the introduction to an update on my progress in the Rapha Festive 500; the British cycling clothing brand's noble initiative intended to get people riding between Christmas and New Year. I couldn't wait. I was looking forward to having clear parameters within which I would achieve a certain mileage, and a… Continue reading Feeling Fat, Grumpy and Ready for a Change

Christmas Eve

For Christmas, something a little different: a story of a child living in fairytales of their own creation. As I child I would sensationalise mundane events and in the superlative retelling of these grand spectacles, I would come to believe the stories myself. One Christmas Eve I sat in my room, preparing for bed earlier than usual,… Continue reading Christmas Eve

December Strategy

I feel like I am at the foot of a monumental mountain. The refreshing first day of 2017 still seems a long way off and the burden of what is still to be done in the now waning 2016 feels akin to the weight on Atlas's shoulders. Rather than rushing to complete projects or submit whatever reports one… Continue reading December Strategy