“Before you become a writer you must first become a reader. Every hour spent reading is an hour spent learning to write.”*

I am a writer learning my craft through reading. I am a twenty-something getting to know myself through writing.

The name for this blog is stolen from one of my favourite authors, Paul Auster, who wrote a memoir of the same name. A blog is, after all, a letter from within; a correspondence between myself and a faceless stranger (and my mum). I thought about using ‘Letters from No-Man’s-Land’ for what it indicates about the transitional uncertainty of this chapter of my life, but considered it a little over the top, not to mention far too militant and symbolic of war, of which I have no experience.

The topics about which I write will, I’m sure, evolve with time, but you can expect the overriding theme to be reading and writing. This might sound awfully dry (and I apologise to anyone who has stuck around from my cycling blog days) but I imagine I will write anything from book reviews and recommendations, to writing experience and the more personal diary-esque entries. I may use this space as a platform for my free-writing, though don’t expect any of the fluid ramblings that make it into my notebook. Should any of said ramblings make it on here, they will first benefit from a pretty heavy-handed edit.

Now reading: In the Distance, Hernan Diaz.

*Quote from Robert Macfarlane’s Landmarks.


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