I contain multitudes, Vol.2

Going back to that Bob Dylan quote from yesterday

I change throughout the course of a day. I wake and I’m one person, and when I go to sleep I know for certain I’m somebody else.”

…I think I’m learning that the writer version of my many forms is nocturnal. I seem to get my best work – writing, thinking – done when I should be sleeping. It’s probably because the heat is off; nothing more is expected from the day; I’m tired so logically it’s all shite. Nevertheless, it’s true*.

The digital clock in the top corner of my screen reads “Sat 01:36” and I am sitting up in bed, writing. Granted, I’m not writing anything especially meaningful, but writing is writing is writing is writing… No matter the context or application, just like training for a marathon, there’s got to be a build-up to the main event.

01:38. Maybe I should be exploiting this inconveniently-timed flow of creativity. Maybe I should leave myself more open to writing in the wee small hours…

01:39. But if I consistently indulge this nocturnal writer, will the freedom from expectation be maintained? Surely, with time, my subconscious will catch on and the pressure will build where there was none before…

01:42. Too much thinking. Not enough sleeping.

*Although who am I to say, really?


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