New Year: Time is Seamless

“New year non-weather. Wet. Dank. Grey. Chilly but not winter cold…I have never ‘done’ New Year. Time is seamless. Months, days, weeks, years are artificial, man made things, so what are we celebrating?

Susan Hill, Jacob’s Room is Full of Books

So begins Susan Hill’s (author of The Woman in Black among many other things I’ve not read) Jacob’s Room is Full of Books, and I have to agree with the sentiment. The only thing that is new about New Year is the number: 2019.

By the end of January, the New Year will have taken countless victims. Hundreds, thousands, maybe/probably millions of people all over the world will have made unattainable, unrealistic resolutions that they have already failed to achieve. There will be success stories, but there will be an immeasurable number who find themselves hopelessly disappointed, resentful, hopeless.

Maybe this is a pessimistic view but I wonder if it’s better to be a pleasantly surprised pessimist than a perpetually disappointed optimist.

I, like Matt Haig, will try to treat this New Year’s Day like any other day. I’ll not pile any additional weight or pressure onto myself. Just be.

Book focus

Jacob’s Room is Full of Books, Susan Hill: recommended if, like me, you are greedy for knowledge of the inner workings of an author’s mind, or if, also like me, you’re curious about reading in all its forms, including the question as to why we read at all? It is presented in a journal style, almost epistolary, with undated short entries separated by page breaks and divided into twelve chapters: January, February, March…


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